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During the trimming or planting of your hedges, we fertilize the soil with the best nutrients.

Cedar Hedge Fertilizer

As cedar hedge fertilizer specialists in Longueuil, Châteauguay, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Mercier, and other cities in the region, the team at ROBI-TAILLE performs cedar hedge fertilization and fertilization of other types of coniferous or deciduous hedges. We also fertilize shrubs with appropriate fertilizers. These fertilization services are typically carried out during planting or annual trimming.

Cedar fertilizer Châteauguay
Cedar fertilizer Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Cedar fertilizer Mercier

Upon request, we can arrange for a soil testing by an agronomist, which will indicate its deficiencies and necessary amendments (such as adding sulfur, lime, nitrogen, potassium, etc.).

At ROBI-TAILLE, we specialize in planting and maintaining cedar hedges. Therefore, we know what blend of cedar hedge fertilizer to administer to the soil at each stage of growth. We can also intervene when cedars have been neglected for a long time or are in poor condition.

Best Cedar Hedge Fertilizer

Fertilizing a cedar hedge should be done using at least three essential minerals for their health: phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. In the first two years after planting, phosphorus aids in root development and root growth while improving disease resistance. Orange or red spots on foliage indicate phosphorus deficiency.

Nitrogen is necessary for the development of stems and foliage of adult cedars. Pale green or yellowish foliage is a sign of nitrogen deficiency. Underdeveloped cedar can also be another sign of nitrogen deficiency, which is responsible for protein production.

As for potassium, it strengthens your cedars and makes them vigorous and resistant. However, too much potassium should not be given to avoid blocking nitrogen assimilation. Fertilizing your hedge soil with a blend of essential minerals (also including iron, magnesium, and sulfur) is an excellent treatment for your cedars.

Cedar fertilizer Longueuil Cedar fertilizer
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Cedar fertilizer

Cedar Hedge Fertilization

During the maintenance of your cedar hedge (done once a year), we will trim to remove dry stems, shape your hedge, and add cedar hedge fertilizer. Upon request, we can also add compost, manure, sulfur, or lime to promote cedar growth and health. We use organic fertilizer.

The team at ROBI-TAILLE typically performs cedar hedge fertilization using granular fertilizers, which dissolve slowly in the soil. Thus, your cedar hedges are nourished for several weeks!


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Contact the ROBI-TAILLE team to schedule an appointment for cedar hedge fertilizer application, planting a cedar hedge with fertilizer application (upon request), or for cedar hedge trimming. You can reach us at 438 505-9067 or email us at info@robi-taille.ca.

Our cedar fertilization specialists travel to Longueuil, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Châteauguay, Mercier, and all surrounding cities!

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