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The cedar hedge specialist on the South Shore!
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The cedar hedge specialist on the South Shore!

Hedge trimming by professionals

Tree maintenance service - Landscaper

Hedge trimming company located in Longueuil and serving Châteauguay, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Mercier, and all cities in the region, ROBI-TAILLE performs annual maintenance trimming as well as topping (severe trimming consisting of cutting the hedge to the desired height).

We trim cedar hedges or other types of hedges, as well as bushes. The type of trimming will depend on the condition of your hedge and the desired aesthetic result.

ROBI-TAILLE offers several species of cedars for sale, as well as bushes. We also offer turnkey planting services, including fertilization.

Robi-Taille Hedge trimming Mercier
Robi-Taille Hedge trimming Chateauguay
Robi-Taille Hedge trimming Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Annual Maintenance Trimming

During the annual maintenance trimming, we cut one-third or half of the new shoots to shape your hedge. The remaining part of the new shoots will allow the cedars to continue growing while gaining density (denser cedars). We also cut dry, dead, or broken branches.

We recommend shaping your hedges into a cone shape (narrower at the top than at the base) to allow the lower stems to benefit from sunlight. Additionally, a rounded top will prevent snow from bending your hedge. Upon request, we will add fertilizer after this annual maintenance trimming.

In the years following the planting of your hedge, we only trim the sides to encourage upward growth. We keep the base wider.

Severe Rejuvenation Trimming (Topping)

If your cedar hedge has not been trimmed for years and has become sparse at the base, we can perform a severe cut (topping). This rejuvenation trimming, which is done between early spring and early fall (before budding and before winter), reduces the height and width of your hedge while eliminating dry branches. This trimming restores beauty and vigor to your cedars! Upon request, we will add fertilizer to stimulate the growth of new shoots.

During the trimming of your hedge, we will listen to your expectations and explain which type of trimming would be most beneficial. Our expertise in horticulture, as well as our attention to detail, allow us to offer superior quality services. Do you have a horticultural project in mind? Our team is here to make it happen!

We can also completely remove a cedar or deciduous hedge and its stumps. We then take everything away for recycling, as our services are eco-friendly.

Robi-Taille Residential Hedge trimming Robi-Taille Annual Hedge trimming
The Cedar Hedge Specialist on the South Shore!

Our Services

Planting Cedar Hedges

Our team plants cedar hedges and shrubs. To promote implantation, rooting, and growth, we conduct soil testing (upon request), which indicates deficiencies and helps us determine the type of fertilizer to add.

Robi-Taille Hedge trimming

Cedars for Sale

ROBI-TAILLE sells various species of cedars for hedges. We offer high-quality white cedars, nigra cedars, brandon cedars, and Smaragd cedars. We can help you choose your cedars based on their growth characteristics, maintenance level, price, or appearance.

Robi-Taille Hedge trimming

Cedar Hedge Fertilizer

During the annual trimming of your hedge, we add, upon request, fertilizer and compost to help your cedars grow and remain healthy. You can choose a fertilizer that promotes growth and rooting, phosphorus-rich fertilizer (during planting), nitrogen-rich fertilizer (for adult cedars), or organic fertilizer (compost).

Robi-Taille Hedge trimming

Soil Testing

Before planting your cedar hedge, we can have a soil test performed by an agronomist (upon request), which will indicate what types of fertilizer would make your cedars more efficient. By knowing the soil type, pH, and fertility level, we will know which nutrients to add.

Robi-Taille Hedge trimming


We sell shrubs (deciduous or coniferous) and plant them for residential and commercial property owners. We will take the time to suggest different species of shrubs, explaining how they will look over time. We also perform maintenance and annual trimming of shrubs.

Robi-Taille Hedge trimming

Hedge Trimming

We can perform intensive hedge trimming, annual hedge trimming, or rejuvenation hedge trimming (topping). In addition to hedge trimming, we can also trim all other types of hedges (conifers or deciduous) as well as shrubs.

Robi-Taille Hedge trimming
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To learn more about our cedar hedge trimming services (and other types of hedges) or to get a free estimate for the work, call 438 505-9067 or email us at info@robi-taille.ca. We will be happy to answer all your questions. The ROBI-TAILLE company serves Longueuil, Châteauguay, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Mercier, and all cities in the region!

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