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We offer a wide variety of cedars in various heights for your hedges and flower beds.

Cedars for Sale

Where to find cedars for sale if you live in Longueuil, Mercier, Châteauguay, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, or other cities in the area? At ROBI-TAILLE, a company that offers cedars known for their resistance to insects and cold. We also perform cedar hedge planting and annual hedge trimming.

Cedars for Sale Châteauguay
Cedars for Sale Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Cedars for Sale Mercier

During planting, our specialists conduct soil testing (upon request), delivery, trench excavation without damage to your land, adding soil, adding compost and root fertilizer (upon request). We then plant the cedars and install an irrigation hose. We will discuss with you the spacing you want to leave between each cedar in your hedge to achieve privacy more or less quickly.

We offer a one-year written guarantee on planting and cedars.

FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING QUOTE REQUEST and send it by email to info@robi-taille.ca. We will then call you back to give you a price. You can also contact us at 438 505-9067 to place your order and get more information.

Our Different Cedars for Sale

Here are the different species of cedars for sale:

Cedars for Sale Longueuil
Superior Quality Field-Grown White Cedar

The superior quality white cedar for hedges (thuja occidentalis), which is field-grown in a controlled manner, is dark green in color. It is ideal for privacy hedges as it can create a thick wall of square, conical, or rounded shape.

These cedars for sale are fertilized several times a year and pruned to promote growth and provide strong foliage density. White cedar grows between 10 and 12 inches per year. It is offered in various sizes for purchase. This type of cedar bends under snow instead of breaking. It needs 2 hours or more of daily sunlight.

Cedars for Sale
Black Cedar

Black cedar for hedges (thuja occidentalis nigra) is field-grown in a controlled manner. It is pruned once a year to optimize growth, in addition to being fertilized. With rapid growth, black cedar has dark green foliage and is very cold-resistant. This type of cedar should be planted in sunny or semi-shaded areas. Offered in various sizes for purchase.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Cedars
Brandon Cedar

Brandon cedar for hedges is grown in a controlled area. It is fertilized 3 times a year and has a dark green color. It is a very dense cedar, with a colonial shape, growing between 10 to 12 inches per year. This type of cedar should be planted in sunny or semi-shaded areas, as it requires 2 hours of sunlight daily. Offered in various sizes for purchase.

Mercier Cedars for sale
Emerald Cedar

The emerald cedar (semi-cultivated) allows for quickly achieving privacy, as it has a growth rate of 10 to 12 inches per year. Its height can reach up to 60 feet! The plants should be installed 12 or 14 inches apart. They will mature after 3 or 4 years. This type of cedar requires at least 2 hours of sunlight per day and is very resistant (does not break under the weight of snow). Offered in various sizes for purchase.


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Not sure which type of cedars would be ideal for your land? Contact us to get advice from our experts and learn about our turnkey cedar planting services.

You can order your cedars by filling out our online quote form and have them delivered quickly to your home. The ROBI-TAILLE team travels for cedar delivery or cedar hedge planting in Longueuil, Châteauguay, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Mercier, and all other cities in the region.

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